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How to Join The Fairfield County Real Estate Investors Assoc

Good Morning Investors,

I want to thank everyone who attended our November meeting for coming out.  We had a great meeting and we learned so much from James Watson from the Wealth Capital Group. 

 James Watson is a wealth planning strategist who focuses on tangable assetts (gold, silver, diamonds, etc).  Our members truly enjoyed the inforamation that Wealth Capital delivered.  I will be posting pictures from the November 19th meeting soon.  Make sure that you come back to see video footage from the meeting.

I have received a few emails on how to join the Fairfield County REIA.  Well it’s quite simple.  Go to our web site at  www.fairfieldcountyreia.com  and simply go to the join now link and fill out your information, pay your annual dues, then come to the next meeting. We meet the third Wednesday of every month at Liedles Caterers. 

Our December meeting will feature Equity Trust Co.  We will be discusssing who to get all of the private money that you need in your life.   You  can also call our office at 203-377-7342 for any information concerning our reia.  I hope to see you in December.

Until next time,

Keep God 1st, Invest in People

CL Jones

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Fairfield County Real Estate Investors Association Nov 19 meeting @ Liedles

November’s Fairfield County Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) @ Liedles Caterers.

Good Day Investors,

I just wanted to let you know that our November Meeting will start at 6pm at Liedles Caterers.  Liedles is located in Stratford, CT.  If you have never been to Liedles, you can look at commercial above for a look at our beautiful establishment.  We hope to see everyone who is interested in learning real estate at our November Meeting.

until next time,

Keep God 1st, Invest in People


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Connecticut’s Best REIA is in Fairfield County!

Good Morning Investors,

Are you ready for the launch? Did you tell your friends about Fairfield County REIA?  Tonight (Oct.15,2008) is the night that the Fairfield County REIA blasts off.  This is the ultimate place for real estate investors, old and new, to get the best in support, networking, and education.

If you are in the tri-state or surrounding area you must be in attendance tonight to hear our featured guest speaker, Attorney Gary Seymour.   Atty Seymour will teach investors and homeowners as well, how to legally stop a foreclosure.

If you know someone who is facing foreclosure, you should let them know about this event tonight.  It is free information that my help change someone’s life.  We meet tonight at Liedles Caterers in Stratford, CT.  The address is 337 Kenyon Street.  We start at 6pm sharp.  The event will end at 9pm

We look forward to seeing you there.   Investors please spread the word. We will be meeting the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Keep God 1st, Invest in People

CL Jones

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New REIA Blast off at Liedles Caterers on October 15, 2008 in Stratford, CT

Good Morning Investors,

I’m pleased to announce that Fairfield County has it’s own Real Estate Investors Association (REIA). We are located in the north end of Stratford, CT. Our monthly Meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Fairfield County REIA will hold meetings at Liedles Caterers. The address is 337 Kenyon Street, Stratford, CT.

We offer the best in Support, Networking, Education, and Training for new investors and experienced alike.

For those that are familiar with CT REIA in Cromwell, we just want to say that we are different than those guys.

Fairfield County REIA will focus on making sure that our dedicated members really succeed. This REIA isn’t just going to be a large informercial. We will have dedicated sub groups that focus on purchasing properties using todays strategies. We will not focus on what worked yesterday.

A successful REIA has to have successful investors doing deals. If the headsof any organization are the only people making money, it takes away the hopes of members ever being successful in our great industry that can create wealth for your family.

I hope that you will see the value in what my team has put together for all who may want a piece of the American dream.

Our featured guest will be Attorney Gary Seymour. He will be discussing how to legally stop a foreclosure. You don’t want to miss this one. All are welcome. Admission: FREE

Let’s network and create wealth together.

until tomorrow,

Keep God 1st, Invest in People

CL Jones

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